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Income Inequality

  • This page was constructed for graduate students interested in the dynamics of inequality in U.S. income as analyzed by:

  • Lemieux, Thomas 2006. "Increasing Residual Wage Inequality: Composition Effects, Noisy Data, or Rising Demand for Skill?," The American Economic Review, American Economic Association, Volume 96(3), Pages 462-498.

  • Stata programs to reproduce Lemieux's estimations and figures (2 archives) :  Part 1 and Part 2

  • The SAS programs were graciously provided by Professor Thomas Lemieux, together with his dataset. Professor Lemieux's webpage contains useful resources, including the original SAS programs used to produce the calculations reported in his article. The Stata programs were written by Mu Ma (Ivy), Master's student at the university of Macao, under the supervision of Patrick Toche. Ivy's Stata programs follow Prof. Lemieux's SAS programs very closely, using data updated as of 2008. Note that the Stata loop code makes heavy memory use and could almost certainly be made more efficient. If you have any problems with the Stata programs or suggestions on how to improve/update them, please contact Ivy at :  ivymamu Sneak peek below.

  • If you use the resources made available here, please do send me an email. If you notice problems, please check your calculations with fellow students and if problems persist do inform me by email.